We Survived Week One!

We made it to Friday… which is an achievement, I think! I celebrated by leaving Daddy in charge for a couple of hours and heading off to have my hair done for the first time since we left for America – 13 months ago! It was a little overdue!

While I was gone the girls got started with some Maths workbooks. They have been checking on their science experiment plants every day but today they have finally begun to sprout – hurray! The girls then worked together in the afternoon to make blueberry muffins. They are good! We all caught up with some friends. K went to the sumer fete at her old school with her mates, then on to Freerunning class after. J had dinner with her little friends, played in the garden and then watched some TV while I got myself up to date on the gossip from the last year over a glass of wine. What a great end to the week!

Other things they have done this week include:

K – reading and making notes from Horrible Histories, Conquer Maths, reading Jaqueline Wilson, writing a poem for a Haribo competition.

J – Gymnastics class, cartwheels, tumbling and handstands in the garden – generally being upside down. Reading Roald Dahl.

Sorry for the complete lack of photos in this post. I was too busy taking part to remember to photograph!



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